Bark for muching and play areas

Posted by Martin Woodhouse on 8 January 2015 | Comments

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Now is the time of year to be thinking about mulching the garden; mulching will suppress weeds and conserve moisture. Mulching with ornamental bark will also give an attractive finish. Mulching at this time of year is particularly important if spring flowering bulbs or herbaceous perennials have been planted; it’s much easier to mulch before spring growth begins and avoids possible damage to new shoots.

Before mulching, make sure that all the seasonal jobs have been completed, which could include pruning and planting. Slow release feed should also be applied before mulching so plants have a full growing season’s reserve of fertiliser.

Two types of bark mulch are available, spruce bark and pine bark. Spruce bark is darker in colour creates an attractive background for foliage and flowers. Pine bark in lighter in colour and has greater longevity. Both are available in course or fine grades.

Bark is also available for play areas. This type of bark is typically pine-based and is of a chunkier nature in order to absorb impacts. It should be understood that play area bark is only effective if it is spread to the minimum recommended depth.

For more information about bark for mulching or for play areas please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Woodgrow Horticulture.