Eco-Compost® Soil Improver

Posted by Martin Woodhouse on 20 November 2014 | Comments

When planting new trees and shrubs, particularly if you have heavy clay soil, it pays to improve the soil. Eco-Compost is peat-free and consists or sustainable natural ingredients. Eco-Compost® will break-up heavy clay soils, retain moisture in light soils and provide essential plant nutrients to boost new growth.

Importantly, Eco-Compost® has a balanced pH, unlike many other recycled composts which can have a pH of up to 8.5. Most plants and trees prefer a soil pH of no more than 7.0, so Eco-Compost® is ideal.

Eco-Compost® should be spread 75mm deep and turned in with a fork. Additional compost can be forked into the bottom of the planting hole if required.