Eco-Grow® Root-Dip

Posted by Martin Woodhouse on 20 November 2014 | Comments

Eco-Grow® is new root-dip product created by Woodgrow Horticulture Ltd and contains essential plant nutrients and bio-stimulants.

The roots of bare-rooted trees and hedging plants are dipped in a solution of Eco-Grow® immediately before planting. Eco-Grow® stimulates the growth on new roots and beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, which is naturally present in most soils. Our own trials carried out over a number of years have shown that mortality rates of newly planted bare-rooted trees is greatly reduced.

Eco-Grow® is not expensive. 300g costs less than £3.00 and will make up 10 litres of solution, enough to dip the roots of up to 1000 small hedging plants.