Full of the joys of Spring!

Posted by on 13 March 2017 | Comments

The winter dormancy is over and the plants in your garden are awakening to more sunshine and warmer daytime temperatures. Below are some shrubs that flower in March, giving your garden a head start for colour and vital food (pollen) for those active bees and insects.

Forsythia intermedia Lynwood Gold

Masses of bright golden yellow flowers clothe bare stems in March. If left to grow unpruned can produce a large untidy informal shrub, but if pruned, develops into a tidy bush and often grown as a hedge. It attracts birdlife and beneficial to overwintering insects. The bare flowering stems can also be used in cut flower arrangements. Height up to 3m.

forsythia intermedia lynwood gold

Chaenomeles superba Crimson ‘n’ Gold (Japanese Flowering Quince)

Naked stems of brightly coloured buds followed by Crimson-red flowers with Golden stamens in March. Foliage follows shortly afterwards. Odd shaped green/yellow fruits follow in summer and autumn. Height to 1.8m. Ideal to grow against a wall or fence.

chaenomaeles superba crimson n gold

Prunus cerasifera Nigra (Purple leaved Plum)

One of the earliest blossoming trees of the year. This deciduous tree has blush-pink single flowers appearing along the bare stems in March. Followed by burgundy-red juvenile foliage turning deep-purple as the leaves mature. Ideal for a small garden. Height to 6m.

prunus cerasifera nigra