Raised Garden Beds

Posted by Martin Woodhouse on 20 January 2015 | Comments


Spring is only just around the corner and many gardeners will be thinking about the season ahead. Raised beds are becoming very popular as gardens are getting smaller. Without compromising patio and seating areas, raised beds are a convenient way of segregating the garden. Managing raised beds is easier too as there is less bending involved and they can be filled with easily-workable, high quality topsoil.

Small raised beds can be bought in kit-form and are easily assembled. Larger beds are often bespoke and constructed of railway sleepers. It’s important to fill the raised beds with premium grade screened topsoil and also incorporate good quality peat-free compost.

Make sure the topsoil you choose has been screened so that all debris over 15mm has been removed. Also, make sure the topsoil has a pH no higher than 6.5-7.0. Incorporate good quality peat-free compost, again making sure the pH is no higher than 6.5-7.0. Most plants prefer topsoil that has a pH below 7.0, with 6.0-6.5 being ideal. Above these values nutrients become unavailable, leading sickly-looking plants.

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