Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

Non demanding, fast growing, deciduous, versatile shrub. Long plumes of flowers July to September. Attracts all species of insects including Butterflies and Bees etc. Dwarf varieties are available, but the average height can reach 2.5m+. Prune hard in spring to promote strong & healthy new growth. Cerise-pink (Royal Red), Mauve-blue (Nanho Blue), White (White Profusion).

Cistus (Rock Rose)

A shrub must have a sheltered sunny spot with fertile well drained soils. This plant can have varying heights and spreads depending on variety choice, and is a good all rounder. Evergreen foliage can be mid to dark green or silver-green. Pale-Pink (Silver-Pink), White with basel blotches (lusitanicus Decumbens), Deep pink (Purpureus)


This beautiful evergreen shrub produces an abundance of small tubular flowers in White, pink or red during the Summer months. Ideal in coastal areas except in the North, where it prefers to be grown against a south facing fence or wall. Can be grown as a hedge or individual specimen Average height is 2m, depending on variety.

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