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WOODGROW ECO-COMPOST® Peat-Free Planting Compost, Soil Improver & Mulch

Eco-Compost® was developed by Woodgrow Horticulture in 1990 as a peat-free tree & shrub planting compost, soil improver & mulch.

Eco-Compost® is a blend of bark fines, spent mushroom compost and other ecologically sustainable constituents.

When incorporated into the soil Eco-Compost® will immediately improve the soil texture allowing it to be easily cultivated. This leads to the long-term improvement in soil structure and fertility.

The constituents in Eco-Compost® are entirely sourced in the UK and are free from injurious contaminants. Eco-Compost® is composted for a minimum of 16 weeks, resulting in a product that is free from phytotoxic pathogens and weed seeds.

Ideal for trees, shrubs & vegetable growing.

Recommended rates of use:
For topsoil improvement – Spread one 60L bag of Eco-Compost® over 1 ½ – 2 square metres and incorporate to a depth of 15-20cm
For tree & shrub planting – 1 x 60L bag of Eco-Compost® per 10 3L shrubs, 3 10L trees or shrubs. 1 x 60L bag per 2 bare-rooted trees

Our Eco-Compost® products

  • Woodgrow Eco-Compost®

    Picture of Woodgrow Eco-Compost®
    £5.52per 60L bag
    (£4.60 Excluding VAT)

    Typical Analysis

    Bulk Density 450-520g/ltr.
    Moisture 50-70% w/w
    Dry Matter 200g/ltr
    Particle Size 100% < 25mm 90% < 8mm
    Conductivity 400-500 mhos/cm
    pH 6.7-7.2
    Organic Matter 84% dry weight
    Water soluable nutrients N 85.0 P 120.0 K 420.0 Mg 85.0

    Eco-Compost® is available in economic bulk loads or in 60L bags. Please contact us for more information about Eco-Compost® or for a competitive quotation.