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Tried and trusted by professionals, we have been supplying Screened Topsoil to gardeners and landscapers for over 25 years.

Supplying up to 100 tonnes per week, Screen Topsoil continues to be one of our fastest selling products.

Woodgrow Screened Topsoil is safe, easy to work in all conditions and is ideal for all horticultural uses, such as turf laying, levelling-off and topping-up.

Our Screened Topsoil is often used for filling raised beds, either for planting shrubs or vegetable growing.

Available delivered in loose loads up to 20 tonnes, or collected from our yard by the tonne or by the bag.

Our Topsoil products

  • Blended Screened Topsoil™

    Picture of Blended Screened Topsoil™
    £54.00per tonne
    (£45 Excluding VAT and delivery)

    We have been supplying our Blended Screened Topsoil™ to passionate gardeners and professional landscapers for over 25 years.

    Our tried and trusted Blended Screened Topsoil™ is screened to 9mm and is a blend of fine grade topsoil, compost and silica sand. The pH is neutral and is ideal for most garden uses. However, we don’t recommended if for acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons without the addition of ericaceous compost.

    Our Blended Screened Topsoil™ is available in economic bulk loads from ½ a tonne to 20 tonnes and also in convenient 25kg bags.