How to build raised beds

Raised beds are a great way of having a ‘controlled’ method of growing fruit and vegetables. Usually constructed from railway sleepers, or smaller section timber such as treated gravel boards. They can vary in height according to the requirement; higher raised bed are more convenient for those with mobility issues. A major advantage of raised […]

How To Grow And Care For Roses

Roses (Rosa) are an instantly recognisable classic plant and one of the most ubiquitous flowers in UK gardens. Flowering abundantly from late spring onwards, they provide bursts of colour and fragrance in your garden throughout the summer season and into autumn.   These wonderful plants come in a wide spectrum of colours, including everything from subtle […]

Caring For Your Lawn In Spring And Summer

How you care for and tend to your lawn depends entirely upon what you are aiming to achieve. If you are are looking to encourage wildflowers for pollinating insects, spring is the time to stop mowing, put your feet up and simply relax. However if you want a well-trimmed, thriving, lush green lawn, there are […]