Our range of Compost, Fertiliser and Soil Improvers includes: Melcourt SylvaGrow Multi-Purpose, Ericaceous and Organic Peat-free Compost,  multipurpose composts containing peat, Farmyard Manure and John Innes composts  2 and 3.

We produce and sell our own brand Woodgrow Eco-Compost® for tree & shrub planting and soil improvement, available exclusively from Woodgrow Horticulture.

We also stock compound fertilisers, Lawn & Sports Turf fertilisers with herbicide, and organic fertilisers.

Compost can be ordered on line for collection  Some fertiliser products are available in bulk  eg. 40kg bags, and delivery of larger quantities of compost, bagged topsoil and fertilisers can also be arranged- please contact us for a quote.