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Blackcurrant- Ebony


Minimum 2 stem bush supplied in 2L pots

Blackcurrant Ebony has an open-branched habit up to 120cm spread. Specialist dessert variety producing good crops of large very sweet fruit in July, which can be eaten straight from the bush! Ebony is a very healthy grower with good disease resistance. Ebony is also suited to training as a cordon on a wall, fence or wires.

Incorporate organic matter before planting and feed in the spring with high potash plant food, such as tomato fertiliser.

Fruit is produced on 2nd year growth. Prune back old growth after fruiting. Aim to prune bushes into a ‘wine glass’ shape as the years progress. This will ensure lots of air and light reaches the fruit, thus reducing the possibility of mildew and encouraging fruit ripening.