Grass seed- Shaded areas


A mixture of grass species that tolerate shade conditions. Suitable for all shade areas but particularly effective around broad leaved trees

A blend of fine leaved fescues, smooth stalked meadow grass and bent grass to create a high density lawn tolerant of shade and drought. This mixture is suitable for all shade areas but it should be noted that areas of shade caused by conifers can be particular problematic areas to get good consistent grass growth. Similarly areas of dense shade cause by built structures often lack enough light to sustain good grass growth of any species. For these area the problems are particularly acute in the winter; to get the best from this mix in those areas we would recommend an application of Autumn/Winter fertilizer going into the Autumn and try not to walk on the area in the winter especially in wet or frosty periods.

Good results are achievable in areas of shade created by broad leaved trees although it should be noted that very often the grass in these areas struggles not only because of lower light levels but also because the trees are depriving the grass plants of nutrients and moisture. Therefore we would recommend regular feeding of these areas, especially in the Spring, and watering if you can.

For use in areas of partial or full shade. Good wear tolerance and drought tolerant.