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Photinia x fraseri “Red Robin”


(Photinia x fraseri. Red Robin)

An evergreen compact shrub or small tree which can grow to a height and width of 5m, making it ideal for screening. It has glossy green leaves and brilliant red young growths. It will grow well in most positions but prefers full sun.

Providing year-round interest, Photinia Red Robin develops clusters of delicate white flowers and vivid, scarlet leaves in spring that transform into a striking deep green in winter,

Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is not a particularly dense shrub, so it is not recommended where extra privacy or security is needed. It has an average growth rate of 30cm per annum, and can easily be maintained up to a height of 4m – either trim to a formal hedge shape in spring or summer or leave informal, just with a light trim when needed.

Although Photinia prefers sunny conditions, it can still grow well in partial shade and thrives in well-drained soil. It is resilient against frost, but young plants should be protected during a harsh winter.

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