Sessile Oak – Quercus petraea

Quercus petraea

The Sessile Oak is a British native tree, originally found more in the north and the west of Britain. Also known as the Durmast Oak, it is often considered to be a better-shaped tree than the English Oak, with a longer, straighter trunk, slightly narrower shape and more handsome leaves. It is its equal in conservation value, and has a faster growth rate. It grows in most soils except shallow, poorly drained sites. Will do well on exposed sites and in coastal areas.

Height and spread:

After 10 years: 6m x 3m
After 20 years: 12m x 8m

The leaves are less deeply lobed than those of the common oak, and with a distinctive yellow stalk. They are 7.5 – 12.5cm and dark green, turning brown before leaf fall in autumn. The bark is greyish, with deep fissures and cracks. The yellow-green male catkins and insignificant female flowers appear in May. The smooth glossy green seeds (acorns) are held in rough-textured cups and ripen to brown in autumn.

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