Tree planting

Tree planting figures in the UK remain critically low. 10 years ago 18,000 hectares of new woodland were planted per annum. In 2019 only 13,000 hectares were planted. The nation has just 10% of woodland cover, compared to 44% for Europe as a whole.

For many years Woodgrow have specialised in the planting of a wide range of trees; from small whips to 6m specimens. Installations have included ornamental and amenity planting, screening and new woodlands. We now contract the majority of this work out to trusted sub-contractors whom we are happy to recommend.

From November to March we are able to supply both bare-rooted and root-balled trees. Container-grown trees are available 12 months of the year for immediate installation.

We recommend a mixture of our own screened topsoil and our branded Eco-Compost® for back-filling.