Woodgrow are specialist growers and importers of a wide range of container- grown, root-balled and bare-root trees.

Trees form the green framework within landscapes and enhance green spaces for communities. Trees provide beauty in flower, foliage and form. They moderate temperature and provide shade and cooling in the summer, whilst deciduous trees allow the sun to warm our homes in winter. Trees can provide windbreaks, filtering the wind and cancelling-out turbulent eddies.

Trees reduce the effects of noise from roads and industry and provide privacy. They are able to filter out pollutants and consume CO2 whilst adding oxygen to the air we breathe. Trees reduce soil erosion by preventing run-off during heavy rain and their roots provide soil stabilisation.

Trees provide a living environment for wildlife of all kinds, and contribute significantly to the socio-economic viability of cities, towns and villages. Smaller growing trees are particularly suited to the smaller garden. They provide privacy screening in the summer, slow down the wind speed and give shade from the hot midday sun.

We have been supplying trees here at Woodgrow for many years and have up to 50 varieties available from stock. Typically, we always have the following varieties subject to season: Acer (Maple) including Japanese Acers, Alnus (Alder), Betula (Birch), Castanea (Sweet Chestnut), Crataegus (Hawthorn), Malus (Ornamental Crab Apple), Prunus (Ornamental Cherry), Quercus (Oak), Sorbus (Rowan & Whitebeam), Tilia (Lime), and Pinus (Scots Pine). Trees sizes range from 150cm to 400cm, depending on the season and stock availability.

We also stock fruit trees including fruiting Cherries, eating and cooking Apple varieties, Pears, Plums, Apricots, Greengages, Nectarines and Peaches. 

Please call us us on 01332 517600 or email via our contact page for information and advice regarding varieties and availability.