Bamboo- Phyllostachys varieties


Bamboo can provide a lush evergreen privacy screen or hedge in a very short time if planted correctly.

Most temperate bamboo will survive in a range of soil conditions from clay to sand though prefer PH neutral to acidic sandy loams. Phyllostachys is tolerant of all sunlight conditions. As long as there is 4+ hours of filtered sun or better, bamboo can grow. The more sun, the faster the growth and development of the privacy screen. Sunny sites require more water because of evaporation and feeding the higher growth rate of bamboo.

Bamboo grows a little different than most plants. The bamboo that you get initially produces shoots each year and every generation should be taller that the previous year’s shoots. Each year’s growth emerges and grows to its complete height in 60-90 days. They spread as they produce larger growth, filling in and providing a screen.