Raspberry- Octavia x 10

Octavia fruits for a long period from July to August, but before the autumn fruiting varieties begin fruiting. Octavia produces large firm fruits with a fine flavour and much fewer seeds than some varieties. The plants are strong growing up to 150-175cm tall. Moderately vigorous with thorny, upright canes. Exceptionally winter hardy, and resistant to cane botrytis and cane spot.

Raspberries should be planted 30cm apart in straight rows, but not too deep. It is also advisable to support the plants with two horizontal wires, fastened to strong stakes at each end of the row.

Fruit grows on 2nd year growth. New spring and summer shoots should be tied to horizontal wires with a little space between them. Once the canes have fruited they should be cut back to 10cm from the base, to allow space for the new canes to fruit the following year.

Raspberry plants like rich fertile soil, with lots of organic matter incorporated before planting. Mulch with compost after pruning back the old fruiting canes and tying in the canes for the following year.

Planted in troughs containing 10 plants

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